has 30 years of strategic marketing experience working on world class brands such as Estée Lauder, AT&T, MasterCard, Visa, Holland America Cruises, EOS Partners, SkyHop Global and SkyHop Technologies, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chase, Appalachian Mountain Club, American Museum of Natural History, New York Historical Society, AGA Cookers and Domain. She has been recognized for her work in brand development, digital communications, print, display and advertising.


brings 30 years of strategic sales, marketing, and financial insight to each client she touches. Her very rare ability to instantly understand the corporate life cycle and deliver marketing and innovation solutions resulting in outstanding increases in sales and profits from brands such as Country Curtains, Williams-Sonoma, Classic Home, Livestrong, Company C, VIE Healthcare, AGA Cookers and Domain, Natural Life, Beachcombers, TransWorld Music, Casual Corner, Children’s Place, Jack Daniels Motors, L.& J.G. Stickley, G.H. Bass, Solavei, SkyHop Global and SkyHop Technologies. Clients are always inspired by her energy, enthusiasm and drive on their behalf.